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Consultation Information & Fees

First consultation:  90 minutes. £90
  • Detailed case taking.
  • Assessment of your 5 day diet diary.
  • Assessment of medical history and current medications.
  • Indept evidence based research.
  • Formulating a personalised naturopathic plan.
  • Lifestyle advice.
  • Recipe ideas.
  • Fact sheets.
  • Personalised supplementation advice.
Follow-up appointments:  50 – 60 minutes. £60
  • Assessment of your new 5 day diary
  • Assessment if any new symptoms
  • Review research and updated naturopathic plan
  • Review and updated lifestyle advice
  • Review and updated supplementation advice.
  • Further recipes and factsheets.

Clients experience the greatest improvements to their life when fully following their programme and staying on track with the help of periodic follow-up appointments.

To make this easy there are 3 and 6 month programmes via Skype/phone calls to guide you along your journey and achieve your goal.

3 Month 1:1: £300 (special introductory offer. Usually £360).

1 Initial consultation

2 follow-up consulations (1 every 4 weeks)

Plus 3 hours skype/phone calls with me over the 3 months. I am available Monday to Friday during office hours to talk with you about any motivation techniques or any questions you may have along your journey. I suggest 15 minutes weekly or 30 minutes fortnightly.


6 Month 1:1: £540 (special introductory offer. Usually £630)

1 initial consultation

3 follow-up consultations (1 every 6 weeks)

Plus 6 hours skype/phone calls with me over the 6 months. See above for more details. 


8 week 1:1 with exercise: £310

30 minute outdoor personal training session – one per week.

1 initial consultation – takes place during week one

1 follow-up consulation– takes place during week 8

This programme is particularly beneficial for clients who wish to address high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes or weight issues.

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