My Story

Apart from experiencing IBS in my 20’s I had never really questioned my own health until I developed hypertension while pregnant with my first child. I knew there was a possible genetic link as both my mum and grandmother had heart related issues. My grandmother died in her early 50’s of a heart attack and I watched my mum suffered from high blood pressure and cholesterol throughout her life.

I was naive to think I was untouchable always believing myself to be a farely healthish person.

But then realisation dawned that this genetic heritage when combined with a lack of attention to my general health in my 20’s was not a recipe for longevity.

And so the guilt set in. I felt the most guilt for priorising partying, drinking and yo yo dieting in my 20’s over my own health, and for feeling that I couldn’t give my new baby girl my full attention. That’s when I started feeling vulnerable, depressed and worried especially as I was feeling out of depth on a condition I knew little about. All I was mentally able to do was rely heavily on the advice of the medical practitioners but deep down I knew there must be more answers than just taking medicine.

I remember one afternoon during a routine visit by my midwife, having checked my blood pressure, she then reluctuantly told me I needed to return to hospital as my readings were still too high. I broke down and cried asking ‘How on earth can I look after my baby if I can’t even look after myself’?’.

This was the turning point that made me promise to myself that once I returned home I would start focusing on my cardiovascular health and mental wellbeing so to feel happy and in control again.

And so I began spending hours researching how food can play a role in the cardiovascular system, an idea influenced by successfully managing past IBS with food alone. This research led me to listening to experts all over the world and a book called ‘Optimal Nutrition’ by Patrick Holford. It was like a light bulb moment that hooked me in right from the start. My new passion and belief in ‘food as medicine’ was the driving force that lead me to study nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, passing with distinction.

Now I am doing a job a love, empowering people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and related conditions, such as pre diabetes and weight management, to be in control of their own health and not let the condition own them.

The worry associated with having a cardiovascular disease is mostly based on the fear of the unknown and what the future looks like, exactly how I felt before I studied nutrition.

Now I know through personal experience that it is possible to manage your health, stop the worry and instead feel confident about the future.

If this advice was available to my grandmother and mother perhaps their outcomes would have been different, but in their honour I shall endevour to spread the word. Share my success and knowledge so others like you can start enjoying life again.

I am looking forward to working together and getting you back to health.


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