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Nutritional programmes

New Clients

Programme One – £249 zoom (If face to face add on £30)

90-minute initial consultation and 60-minute follow-up (normally 6-8 weeks later) comprising of:

This includes:

90-minute initial consultation and 60-minute follow-up (normally 4-8 weeks later) comprising of:


Detailed case-taking

Assessment of your 5-day diet diary

Assessment of medical history and current medications

In-dept evidence based research

Putting together a personalised naturopathic plan including recipes

GP test interpretation

Lifestyle advice

Fact sheets

Personalised supplementation advice


Assessment of your new 5-day diary

Assessment of new symptoms

Review research and updated naturopathic plan including recipes

Review and updated lifestyle advice

Review and updated supplementation advice

Fact sheets

    Programme Two – £329 zoom
    This includes:

    Programme One plus the following

    • Two 20-minute progress review sessions inbetween the initial and follow up. 
    • These sessions can be structured in a way to suit you especially when deciding how often you wish to receive further support. An example of this is to speak every week or fortnight.
    • Any extra 20-minute progress review sessions can be added to Programme – £40
    Programme Three – Lifecode GX testing programme – From £399 (online)

    This includes:

    • Lifecode GX test report
    • Nutritional consultation with report interpretation
    • Summary report with added nutrition, lifestyle and supplement advice.
    • Recipes.

    Additional information about Lifecode GX genetic testing

    Lifecode Gx® offers a range of specialist nutrigenomics DNA test panels which inform how inherited health risks can be mitigated through personalised nutrition and lifestyle change.

    Genotype results are presented in the context of nutrition and other environmental factors, such as sleep, stress, physical activity and chemicals, that can influence them. Our unique colour-coded pathway diagrams provide easy to digest visual summaries, alongside in-depth insights into the risks or protective potential of each genotype. This enables a deeper and holistic understanding of results and identification of the lifestyle changes that will be most effective.

      Continued Support for Existing Clients:

      Clients who have completed any of the above programmes and would like to continue working together can purchase a follow-up –

      1. One follow up, 60 minutes £105 (zoom)

        Diet Assessment – £90 (Online via email)

        Assessment of daily food diary and present lifestyle habits

        Formulated personalised nutriton and lifestyle plan to suit everyday life and personal preferences.

        This is suited to people who want general advice on achieving optimal health through nutrition


          Bespoke Meal Planner – £95 (Online via email)

          Complete bespoke meal planner comprising of:

          24 bespoke recipes to suit your preferences and tailored for your health goals

          Including any diagnosed conditions.

          10 breakfast recipes

          14 lunch/dinner recipes

          7-day meal planner with shopping list

          Template meal planner

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