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❤️ your heart will be thankful❤️

🌸 Fancy a burger with all the trimmings while wanting to keep it light and healthy?

🌸 Fancy a burger with all the trimmings while wanting to keep it light and healthy?

🌸 Easy Peasy
Replace the meat burger with a bean burger
Replace the bun with a piece of iceberg lettuce
Keep the onion, tomatoes and relish or any dressing.

🌸I won’t lie, it can get a bit messy to eat but totally worth it.

🌸To save time, batch cook and have for lunch over 2 days. They will keep in the fridge for 3 days.

🌸 The relish I used in the picture is made of wild garlic and fresh parsley blended with a little mayo, yogurt and lemon juice – thanks to hubby’s bright idea.

🌸 Ingredients include –
🍋 1 tin of black beans
🍋 handful of fresh coriander
🍋1 tsp of cumin
🍋1/4 cup of bread crumbs or flour – I use gluten free for both
🍋1/4 cup of cooked sweet potato (not soggy but firm)
🍋1 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce
🍋 1/2 tsp of chilli powder – optional.

Pat dry black beans or allow to dry in low heated oven to remove moisture.
Now place the beans and all remaining ingredients in a blender until coarse texture. If a bit wet add a little more flour or bread crumbs.
Shape into 4 burger shapes and cook on an olive oiled griddle pan for approximately 10 minutes on each side. Alternatively place in the oven (160C) for 20 minutes- turning half way.

Enjoy x

🌸4 minute smoothie
to support people with cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure :

🌸 Spinach
🌸Chopped frozen beetroot
🌸Plain yogurt
🌸100ml of pure pomegranate juice

🌸top up with water

Ta daa

🌸I call it my ‘Nitric Oxide smoothie’

Any foods that increase production of nitric oxide in our bodies support our vascular system (veins & Arteries)
All of these foods will help with this

Any other questions of how I can help someone with cardiovascular issues please get in touch.

🌸 No sugar, high protein, high fibre meal in under 5 minutes

🌸 Struggling for time? got a 101 things to do while trying to eat well?

🌸 Then try this quick lunch/dinner 👍

❤️Perfect for THE HEART or any CARDIOVASCULAR issue including DIABETES❤️

🌸All you need is –

❤️1/4 a red onion chopped
❤️1/2 a time of organic black beans
❤️ 2 tsp of harissa paste (I use Biona)
❤️ 1 handful of chopped coriander
❤️ Squeeze of lemon 🍋
❤️ 1 slice of toasted high protein & fibre bread (I use heart of nature)

Lightly cooked the onion, beans and harissa paste for 2 minutes then add the coriander and lemon juice. Pile on top of the toast.
‘Ta Da’

🌸Easy peasy healthy meals🌸

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